Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jack The Racist

This morning I got a lift to work with Jack, The Racist. He had a lot to say about the unfortunate Romanian situation in South Belfast, "They shouldn't be here. They're all dirty gypo bastards. They're taking our jobs and our benefits! Serves them right. Serves them right."

I just nodded and paid no attention.

I tried to change the subject and said, "Jack, look at that car!" The car ahead of us had their indicator signalling to the right and it made a left turn.

Jack said, "Aye, must be a bloody Fenian. Fuckin' bastards."

He hates most of the people we work with.

He hates all the managers.

He hates the people he sits beside in the canteen eating lunch (those unfortunate enough to have to sit with him).

He hates all the eastern European temp workers or "Polish Bastards" as he likes to refer to them regardless of whether or not they're from Poland, Slovakia or the Czech.

He's just a grumpy fucker who hates everybody.

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