Friday, July 24, 2009

Iz Ma Birfday!

This year is definitely making up for last year's birthday! My parents came storming in my room very early this morning singing Happy Birthday in Tagalog off the top of their lungs!

Yesterday they surprised me with a 46" hdtv mounted to my bedroom wall AND a blu-ray player AND the full disc set of Planet Earth AND an underwater disc. I spent last night watching Planet Earth. The cinematography is absolutely stunning and the picture quality from the blu-ray was so pristine you can even sense texture. I was in awe! Richard Attenborough's narration lulled me to sleep. BBC makes the best documentaries.

Here it is in all its HDTV glory! That polar bear cracked me up! Hehe (BTW it's not mounted slanted on my wall, my aim just sucks!)

Now I am off to workout a calorie deficit to make room for my Korean BBQ feast later. Mmmmm...bulgogi, jap chae, bimbimbap, and all the banchan fixings...I can't wait! :D

My parents are the best! You rock, Mom & Dad!

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Jennifer said...

that's an amazing gift. Happy birthday!