Sunday, August 22, 2010

Introducing Sissy

This is our neighbor's dog. She is a "pitador" a pitbull/labrador mix. She is very shy. She looks like she can take your head off but she is docile and gentle. She is at our house temporarily until our neighbor recovers from his stab wounds. He was a victim of unfortunate circumstances. I don't know how long we'll have her but she is being pampered and spoiled to the max! I'm pretty sure Maggie sent her to us because we were feeling sad and lonely and a fellow dog needed help!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maggie Goes To The Rainbow Bridge

I am very sad to say that at 2:30pm California time Maggie went to sleep. She has been in declining health for the past 2 years but was comfortable. More recently though her health got worse and she was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. Her breathing became very rapid for the past few months and we tried to keep her as comfortable as possible. She was out this morning for a vets visit but when she got home she was vomiting and had diarrhea. Her parents decided that they didn't want her to suffer any more.

Maggie was a fantastic dog and family member. Flippin' Yank and her parents brought Maggie home from the pound 16 and a half years ago when she was just 6 months old. Her previous owners didn't want her. Their loss. I've only known Maggie for 2 years and in that time she has never really taken to me but i know she is only protecting her family and i respected her for that. Over time she did get kind of used to me being around when i visited and barked at me less and less. As she made her way out to the car today for her final journey she actually stopped as she passed me and let me pet her for a moment. I was very sad to see her go. She will be missed by a loving family but never forgotten.

We love you Maggie. Rest in Peace.

Your friend,

Maggie before she went to the vet (August 4, 2010)...