Monday, May 31, 2010

Going Shopping in My Own Closet

I tried on my old work skirts today. I can fit into them. Three years ago, I couldn't even zip them up! Woohoo!

Luckily they are not out of style. They are classic A-line skirts from Jcrew and Banana Republic. They still look cute and are in good condition!

I'm so happy!

I was in Walmart today...

In line at the till. A woman and her son (about 9 yrs old) were in front of me. She smacked him upside the head for I don't know why. He looked scared. She paid for her stuff and he paid for his slip n' slide with his own money he kept in a ziplock bag. He was short a nickel and he asked his mom for a nickel. She got pissed off and she said "too bad, you don't have the money you don't get shit!". She told the cashier to return it. I was going to give him a nickel but she would have probably kicked my ass. I feel sorry for that kid. I should have fake found a nickel and said, "Hey kid, you dropped a nickel." But his mom would have probably given him an ass whooping at home for dropping a nickel.

People suck sometimes.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Latest News From the Shankill...

So the story is that a few nights ago down this street one guy was asking another guy out of his house for a fight. The guy in the house wouldn't come out so the guy outside started damaging the other guys car. Today just down at the corner of the Shankill and the next street down from us a guy was standing on the corner. Just before 1pm 2 masked dudes walked up to him and shot him twice in the face. Turns out he was the dude who was in the street a few nights ago asking the guy out for a fight. I love this


Bloody bandages mark Shankill murder spot in Belfast

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Flamenco Diaries: Week 4 - Zapateo y Marcaje

We did footwork which is getting a bit more complicated and faster pace. She has finally thrown arms into the mix.

She's also had us do some marking to Allegrias.

Everything was a piece of cake and I felt good about everything.

After class, I hung around to observe Beginning II class, where you start doing choreography. It doesn't look that complicated and I would have probably been better off starting at that level. I notice that some of the people from my class stayed on and are taking that class. I think by the end of this session (which ends in June), I would have enough review of basic techniques to move on to Beginning II. Usually, it takes at least 6 months to a year in Beginning I to move up to Beginning II. Thank goodness my muscle memory has kicked in and I don't have to wait that long.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nails of The Day: Revlon Grey Suede (Limited Edition)

So I decided to take a break from studying and go to CVS for respite. Hanging out at the cosmetic section (surprise, surprise)! Hidden on a shelf way back in the store was Revlon's Limited Edition Spring Collection of Nail Polish. There was a minty green, soft lilac, peach, and grey suede. The finish are all creamy, no sparkle. The grey suede and lilac caught my eye so I picked those up.

I tried the grey suede today and I quite like it! It's one of those "in" mushroom, taupe colors with a grey undertone. I never thought I would dig Revlon nail polishes, they always give me the impression that they are cheap and would chip after one day of wear. I quite like the formula. It's a bit watery but not hard to work with. Opaque after only two coats. With a seche vite top coat, I am hopeful that it won't chip or peel for a week. I think this is going to be my summer nail color besides coral. It would also make a great color for job interviews, it's very understated but elegant...

Too bad it's limited edition. I'm going to have to stock up!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Flamenco Diaries: Week 3 - MISSED CLASS!!!

No flamenco today, I have to study for finals. :(

Monday, May 17, 2010

Food At Avoca in Belfast

HopAlong decided to torture me today. He went to Avoca (my favorite store/cafe) to have lunch with his sister. I'm so jealous!

Laura treated me to lunch at Avoca this afternoon. Not much atmosphere. A little noisy. The food is fantastic though.

Laura had the chargrilled chicken salad with couscous.

I had the grilled seabass and white beans and sun dried tomatoes. I can honestly say it was very close to being the nicest fish i've ever eaten. A very close second to our seared salmon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ballet and Tai Chi

I woke up early to practice Tai Chi at the park. Every morning 5 days a week, a group of elderly chinese men and women do Tai Chi. It was beautiful and serene. They were very nice and welcoming too. I love Tai Chi it's so graceful and relaxing. I think Tai Chi at the park will be a regular event for me.

After Tai Chi, I went to my first ballet class. It's very basic ballet. I decided to take this class because I want to strengthen my core for when I do turns in flamenco (turning is my weakness), to improve my balance and become more fluid and graceful. After class, one of the students asked if this was my first class. I told her yes, I've never taken ballet before. She was shocked and said that I picked up the choreography really fast, it took them months to learn it. I thought that was flattering but then again it wasn't really rocket science and it is a beginning class.

I had a half hour break, there was another Tai Chi class right after ballet. Different teacher. I've been taking Tai Chi from this teacher for a month now. He showed us practical self defense application from the poses we were doing. I thought it was really neat. He used me to demonstrate some moves, I felt like a rag doll being flailed about.

So 2 hrs of Tai Chi and an hour of ballet. Now 5 hours of study. Finals in two weeks.

The Flamenco Diaries: Week 2 - Footwork and Coordination

Today we did hand and feet coordination. Piece of cake! I think my muscle memory kicked in because I had no trouble at all and it felt natural.

We did our favorite exercise, zapateado! I have no problems with this area at all. I love making music with my feet.

Um...I think my teacher could tell by now that I'm not really an absolute beginner. She didn't correct me on anything.

This whole week I'm going to drive the whole house bonkers because all they will hear is the sound of stamping feet.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dog Owners In Belfast

I find it weird how dog owners in Belfast treat their dogs like cats. They kick it out for the day for it to roam the streets.

Today I get an email from HopAlong about his dog, Lady, who by the way fears walking her because of this very reason...

Lady has almost just been mauled to death by some big fuckin black dog in the street. It then bit some woman. The owner lives just across the street and apparently the dog warden has been out quit a few times and they don't answer the door. I've just called the police. Lady has disappeared under my sister's bed and won't come out. I don't think she's hurt but she seems to be in shock!

This is Lady...she's just a wee thing.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Awesome


1) I was the only one in class who answered a very difficult question right, and I was awarded extra credit points!!! My average is now A+++! :D

2) I'm now able to get through Zumba class without huffing and puffing! AND we were introduced to new choreography which was tricky and I was the only one who got it! Yes, I do believe I can call myself a dancer now. A sign I need more of a challenge.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Flamenco Diaries: Week 1 - Muscle Memory

So the moment had arrived and gone in a flash! Recap of my flamenco class...

1) My teacher is nice and is isn't the type to yell or clown you for making mistakes. She is not intimidating at all.

2) Students in the class commented that they love my purple flamenco skirt and ask where I got it. Honestly, I don't know remember because I got it 6 years ago!

3) The teacher put me in the front because I'm "new".

4) She taught us Solea compas, the 2 types of palmas (clapping), posture, arms, floreo, footwork. This was VERY basic none of these took me by surprise and frankly, I wished she would do something more complicated but this is a beginning class, it's to be expected.

5) My coordination needs work. My body has forgotten to multitask. In flamenco, you do a lot of moves that are counter intuitive to your body. We did an exercise where we were doing footwork and arm work at the same time. Although, I can do it, it just felt really weird and unnatural. Nothing practice and a couple more classes won't fix. The old adage "if you don't use it, you will lose it" is very true in my case.

6) My teacher is a stickler for detail. She goes around to each and every student correcting the smallest things from posture, to how you hold your arms, to how you do your floreos. This is a good thing and right away I could tell she is an excellent teacher.

7) There is a live guitarist! Dancing to live music makes a HUGE difference!

The hour went by really fast! Although the class is way too basic for me and very slow, I'll stick it out for the entire session. I think it was smart to choose the beginning class, that way I won't be in over my head and never come back again! I could just relax and enjoy dancing instead of sweating bullets over trying to figure out crazy choreography.

I'm so glad I decided to take flamenco again. Flamenco has always made me feel so ALIVE! Today those warm, fuzzy feelings returned. It's wonderful!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Woohoo! Flamenco Class Tomorrow!

I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I don't know why I'm nervous.

This is my favorite scene from the movie Carmen. I love doing zapateado, it brings out the percussionist in me!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

If You're Going to San Francisco...

HopAlong Made Tomato Soup from Scratch!

I'm impressed! :D Although, he said it was the most untomato soup he's ever tasted, it tasted sweet like carrots even though carrots weren't in the recipe. Very odd indeed...

He has one more recipe in his arsenal besides pancakes, french toast, burgers and salmon. I can't wait for him to come over and make me some tomato soup! Nom, nom, nom!