Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ballet and Tai Chi

I woke up early to practice Tai Chi at the park. Every morning 5 days a week, a group of elderly chinese men and women do Tai Chi. It was beautiful and serene. They were very nice and welcoming too. I love Tai Chi it's so graceful and relaxing. I think Tai Chi at the park will be a regular event for me.

After Tai Chi, I went to my first ballet class. It's very basic ballet. I decided to take this class because I want to strengthen my core for when I do turns in flamenco (turning is my weakness), to improve my balance and become more fluid and graceful. After class, one of the students asked if this was my first class. I told her yes, I've never taken ballet before. She was shocked and said that I picked up the choreography really fast, it took them months to learn it. I thought that was flattering but then again it wasn't really rocket science and it is a beginning class.

I had a half hour break, there was another Tai Chi class right after ballet. Different teacher. I've been taking Tai Chi from this teacher for a month now. He showed us practical self defense application from the poses we were doing. I thought it was really neat. He used me to demonstrate some moves, I felt like a rag doll being flailed about.

So 2 hrs of Tai Chi and an hour of ballet. Now 5 hours of study. Finals in two weeks.

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