Monday, May 17, 2010

Food At Avoca in Belfast

HopAlong decided to torture me today. He went to Avoca (my favorite store/cafe) to have lunch with his sister. I'm so jealous!

Laura treated me to lunch at Avoca this afternoon. Not much atmosphere. A little noisy. The food is fantastic though.

Laura had the chargrilled chicken salad with couscous.

I had the grilled seabass and white beans and sun dried tomatoes. I can honestly say it was very close to being the nicest fish i've ever eaten. A very close second to our seared salmon.

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Derek said...

I see the food has improved from when I left Norn Iron, last time I went home for a holiday everything was deep fried, I swear that after a week I was going to hit somebody if I wasn't served something fresh and green.. ;)