Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Dear Readers,

If you recently visited my other blog, Flippin' Yank in San Fran and have noticed that it is 'invite only', I apologize for the abrupt change. Craig has decided to become a joint author to this blog and he is blog shy to the public. He has requested readers to be 'invitation only'.

Thank you so much for your support over the past few months and I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as I have enjoyed reading some of yours!

Happy Blogging!

Flippin' Yank


Joanne said...

I so want an invitation! I LOVE reading about you guys. Takes me back.

Flippin' Yank said...

Hi Joanne,

No Probs. I will need your gmail to add you to my permissions list.

Time for a change. said...

I have been enjoying your blogs. It helps with the homesickness.

Good luck

Flippin' Yank said...

Hi Kelli,

If you would like to continue reading my current blog - Flippin Yank in San Fran , email me your gmail address and I can put you on my permissions list. I'd be happy to add you.