Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Please Help Choose HopAlong's Thanksgiving Outfit

We went to Napa Premium Outlets today...

Craig went crazy and bought 2 jackets, 3 shirts, a pair of jeans, and shoes...

He did a little fashion show when we got home. It took me awhile to convince him that he would look better with his shirt tucked in. I don't know what it is with men in the UK and not tucking in their shirts. It was a real pet peeve of mine while I was there. Button down shirts should always be tucked in, it looks neater and sharper. Untucked button down shirt + beer belly = SLOB!

He looks quite good, I must say (thanks to my good taste..ahem). I do give him credit for the shoes though, he picked those out all by himself! Although, he can't decide what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday...I can't either!

Outfit #1: (Chocolate brown blazer, blue patterned shirt over white, jeans, brown shoes)

Outfit #2: (Chocolate Brown blazer, brown pin stripped shirt, jeans, brown shoes)

Outfit #3:(Navy blue velvet blazer, white pinstriped shirt, jeans, brown shoes)

Which Outfit Should HopAlong Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner?
Outfit 1
Outfit 2
Outfit 3
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