Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reason # 435 Why I'm Marrying an Irishman: They are Born To Build

This is the perfect follow-up to the previous post. Last weekend we went to Ikea to purchase a bookshelf and other furniture items from my room. It took Hop-Along exactly 1.5 hours to assemble a tall chest of 6 drawers and another one! He didn't stop there. The next day he assembled a very complicated shelving unit which would take days for my dad to do. Hop-Along did it in a matter of hours and he was ready for more! He was a flat pack assembling machine! I was in awe and a little turned on. ;)

According to the article, Irish vs. Irish-American Men, "[The Irishman] is the archetypal 'man’s man.' He usually takes charge, and he has an unbelievable number of skills — he can change a tire, install a bathroom, build a shelving unit, and calculate measurements by guesstimating with eerie precision."

Still don't believe it? Proof is in the pics!

Exhibit A..."He can build a shelving unit"...

Exhibit B..."He can calculate measurements by guesstimating with eerie precision"...

Need I say more? I'm a lucky, lucky, lucky girl! *Sigh*

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PurestGreen said...

Great post. My Scotsman was made to make me laugh until I become weak and have to sit down. What he was not made to do was cook. He has had some success but has also started two fires in my kitchen. So far there has been no permanent damage!