Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Confronting Rude People!

I was in line to get on the MUNI (bus) for my commute to school. The bus was late, the line was long, and I was in a bad mood. As soon as it was my turn to get on the bus, this woman comes charging and bulldozes me over and cuts right in front of me. I yelled, "Excuse you! There is a line you know!"

She is in front of me about to pay the driver and she bobs her head back and forth and said, "Girl, girl don't even start with me. You have to wait and get in line like all the other immigrants!"

I guess she assumed I was fresh off the boat since I was Asian and assumed that I was the mousey kind and let ppl steamroll all over me? I told her, "Listen you ignorant bitch, I was born in the US and I waited in line like everybody else! You just don't cut in line and push people like that, you rude ass bitch!" I was ready to clock her fugly face if she gave me the green light to do so.

She started mumbling bullshit at me and bobbing her head again. She went to her seat. I gave her the stink eye, I sat 3 seats behind her. I think I made her paranoid because she kept looking back. We both got off the same stop and I walked right behind her, she saw me and walked faster (practically running) and kept looking back.

Rule #1 you don't mess with Asians. View exhibit A...

pereljon — October 07, 2009 — Oct 7, 2009 10am, Chinatown San Francisco. This fight occurred on the Muni Stockton route (the 9 i think) just before the stockton tunnel. As you can see, a simple argument about seat-hogging quickly turned into a full blown brawl. It's pretty clear who threw the first punch, you can see the bus' serial number, and the exact time in the video.
By the way, this is the same bus where I was attacked 3 weeks ago, so I thought documenting the event was the most important thing I could do. This fight was NOT reported by the driver OR by the MUNI person who happened to be at the final stop (Stockton and Sutter). I'll be walking to work for a while.
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