Thursday, March 17, 2011

Asians Need to Learn to Be Polite And Have Some Manners

Alexandra Wallace, a caucasian UCLA student had filmed a youtube clip ranting about Asians who use their cellphones in the library. As a UCLA alum and an Asian, I find this hilarious and entertaining that such ignorance is on blatant display. The clip went viral garnering hundreds of youtube video responses and parodies. It eventually made its way to the Chancellor and he is not happy.

She went on to make derogatory remarks about Asian culture saying, "The Asians students can't fend for themselves because they bring their whole family to the dorms to cook, buy their groceries, and do their laundry for them. She says there are old Asian people running around the place on the weekends." LMAO!

She also goes on to say that UCLA accepts hoards of Asians to "our" school which is fine but they need to learn American manners and how to be polite. LOL


Anyways the youtube clip became viral and now she's received all these death threats and is under security by campus police, professors had to reschedule her final exams because her exam schedule was posted on the internet.

The Chancellor is reviewing the video on whether she has violated the student rule of conduct and is cause for expulsion.

How the hell did this airhead get into UCLA?

And here's a brilliant rebuttal from a Korean guy. I couldn't stop laughing...

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