Thursday, June 26, 2008


If there is one thing that I am very annoyed about is how many people here are a bunch of FLAKES!!!!

Craig's friends learned of my arrival months ago and invited us to go out sometime when I'm here. Sure! Let's go out to dinner! I'll give you a ring! That was 3 weeks ago never rang! Sure! We'll go out on the town. I'll give you a ring! Never happened!

Just 2 hours ago, Craig texted me that his friend invited us out to dinner and to get ready by the time he gets home because they are picking us up. I wasn't holding my breath but I got ready anyway. Somewhere in between a shower and me blow drying my hair, the phone rings once again and Craig says that we're not going because his friend has a last minute thing to do. Postponed until the weekend. Again! Not holding my breath for this one!

Why even bother to invite us in the first place? UGH!!!!

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