Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Days!

We found a place in Stranmillis!

After threatening to go back home twice and Craig ready to take me to the airport. We took a very uncomfortable silent walk from the Shankill to Lisburn ( a total of four miles). On the way there, I was thinking how much of a mistake I've made coming here and thinking that this is such a waste of time.

Somewhere around Stranmillis, I thawed out. We decided that staying with the woman in East Belfast was our only option. Only I will be alone nights for the next two weeks because Craig needed to go to work and will not be able to get transportation to that side of town.

A beacon of light shined over a house on "R" Street. In the window was a sign that read "Rooms to Let Call 123435323". Craig called and explained our situation telling the dude that living in his parents' house is driving us up the wall and we've had a hard time looking for short term rentals with a 2 month lease. It just so happened that a person that was renting a double room wanted to get out of their contract early. We'd take over his lease which ends in September. So it works out for everyone. It's a 5 bedroom house and there is one other person living there but he's hardly ever there. All the other rooms are vacant, all the students went back home for the summer. So we practically have the house to ourselves.

We officially move in tomorrow. Today we were all domestic and bought bedding and such. I know we'll be here for a short while but we want to add our personal touches to make it feel like our own. I had no idea that picking out bedding as a couple would be a complicated process. He wanted dark sheets, I wanted light so we comprised and got both.

I'm so relieved we found a place so quickly and in Stranmillis of all places. I like the vibe here. It reminds me of the Haight in San Fran. I feel at home here and relaxed which is a good thing. Craig is ecstatic that he's out of the shitehole aka Shankill. Stranmillis was a place he's always wanted to live and he may just stay on when I return home.

Hopefully, our luck has turned for the better!

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