Monday, June 15, 2009

Coincidence? I Think Not..

I posted on the topic of racism this morning and this was on the news tonight...

From the BBC:

People from the area came to show their opposition to the racist attacks.

An anti-racist demonstration in south Belfast had to be halted for a time following trouble.

Residents were holding a protest on the Lisburn Road after a spate of attacks on immigrant families in the area.

A group of youths leaving a bar were heckled by demonstrators and ran into an alley where they threw bottles.

They ran off, but came back and threw more bottles. Protesters chased them away. No-one was injured in the incident.

Organiser Paddy Meehan said there had been continual attacks from Wednesday.

"People are absolutely livid about what has been happening here and it has to stop," he said.

"This protest has sent a clear message that people do not want this going on in their area and that this has to stop right now."

Demonstrators had shouted "Nazis off our streets" as the youths passed and the youths gave Nazi salutes.

One of the houses attacked
A gang smashed windows at this house in south Belfast

The Alliance Party's Anna Lo said that the trouble at the rally was a "disgrace" but that those throwing bottles were "a small minority".

"We are all here to show support for the migrant workers who have been attacked and have been hounded out from one street to another street," she said.

Earlier, two houses inhabited by a Romanian family were targeted in a racist attack.

A gang smashed windows and terrorised pregnant women and children in attacks on houses on Belgravia and Wellesley avenues.

Police have said they are investigating racist incidents and criminal damage in both areas over the last four days.

It was claimed that the people who attacked the house were shouting Combat 18 slogans and a letter containing text from Hitler's Mein Kampf was pushed through the letterbox of one of the properties.

There have been racial tensions in the area since trouble erupted at a World Cup qualifier between Northern Ireland and Poland at Windsor Park in March.

A number of migrant families subsequently decided to leave their homes.

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