Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Spectacles, People Watching, Shopping, Eating with Seester

Craig (aka Hop Along) got new spectacles yesterday. Afterwards, we (Craig, his Seester and I) explored the city centre. I urged him to go into my favorite store Avoca because I'm masochistic like that. I say masochistic because I can never afford anything in that store. But Craig said no way, no how. He doesn't like watching me suffer. We then had coffee at Starbucks, sat upstairs and people watched...

We were very intrigued with the guy in the white t-shirt spinning a binder on his finger. Don't ask me why.

We went shopping again. Craig's seester wanted to go into Top Shop and that took 3 hours. And then she wanted to get some makeup and that took another 2 hours. Later we went to the Northern Whig to celebrate Seester's acceptance into Uni...

I had the Mushroom and Blue Cheese soup which was quite tasty.

Craig had the Ribeye steak with pepper sauce he said it was...Nom, Nom!

We both toasted the Seester with Honey Chili Martinis. Although, Craig accidentally ate the pepper and the drink went up his nose and...well you don't wanna know. Seester was laughing her arse off.

Seester and future game developer. Isn't she lovely? Craig shed a tear because his baby seester is all growed up now.

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