Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bye, bye Healthcare Reform! Thanks Massachusetts!

Behold the new Massachusetts senator, Scott Brown

Massachusetts voted a GOP in for Senator and still have their near universal healthcare. MASS has best of both worlds while the rest of the country doesn't have the same benefits as MASS. MASS has nothing to lose voting a GOP in.

From The Irony of Democracy:

Elites --- not masses --- govern the United States. Life in democracy, as in all societies, is shaped by a handful of people. Major political, economic, and social decisions are made by tiny minorities, not the masses of the people.

Elites are the few who have the power; the masses are the many who do not. Power is deciding who gets what, when, and how;it is participation in the decisions that shape our lives;the masses are the many whose lives are shaped by institutions, events and leaders over which they have little direct control....."The division of society into elite and mass is universal," and even a democracy "a few exercise a relatively great weight of power, and the many exercise comparatively little."

Democracy is government "by the people," but the survival of democracy rests the shoulders of elites. This is the irony of democracy: elites must govern wisely if government "by the people" is to survive. The masses do not lead; they follow. They respond to the attitudes, proposals, and behavior of the elites.

In other words, to think that we have a direct hand or say in our government is just an illusion and is an expression of our delusional narcissistic self importance. Therefore, this is why politics is bullshit.

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