Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hospital Intern Orientation

So I just got back from the hospital orientation. I was surprised that there were so many people, about 50 or so. Most of them were young, most likely doing this for either a requirement for school or to get admitted into nursing, medical, pharmacy,(etc.) school.

At this point, we are prospective applicants and I am assuming they are hoping the overview of the competitive application process will weed people out. They need to do background checks, you need 2 letters of recommendation, write a statement of purpose, a health screening, and an interview. There are alot of departments to work in: ER, Hospice, Maternity, the list goes on. I really hope they have openings for either pharmacy or nutrition department, because these are the two fields of interest I have narrowed down. Although, working in maternity sounds like it would be fun! I hope they don't stick me in some benign position like the gift shop or something. But whatever, at least I've got my foot in the door and can assess whether working in a hospital environment is for me. And also the opportunity to network, network, network!

There is no hands on work with patients of course but some interaction with them. I'm a little nervous about this since this is foreign territory for me. I have a lot of customer service experience working with donors as a fundraiser in my previous work so this should come in handy. The difference is that these are patients not donors and will most likely be in pain, frightened, suffering, and cantankerous. This makes me a bit nervous working with fragile people but at the same time it gives me satisfaction that I, in some way, can comfort them and brighten their day. I also think it would be cool to run around in scrubs! :D

We'll see how it goes. I hope I get accepted. Competition is fierce. There are 50 people to fill 20 spots! Wish me luck!

*New Year's Resolution #3: Help Others. --PENDING!!!!

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