Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am having a really hard time getting into this one particular chemistry class. I tried to register online last week but the system wouldn't let me register for the class because I took it 16 years ago! So I call the registrar and they said I have to go to the first day of class, get an add number from the professor and they will add me.

Chemistry classes are highly impacted and they fill up fairly quickly. By the time the first day rolls around the class is full. So if this is the process of trying to add a repeat course, then who is to say that there is a guarantee I will get in this semester or the next or the next? There is no guarantee. This will set me back god knows how long? Being a science major especially pre-pharmacy the courses are in a series and you can't jump to the next course without taking the pre-requisite of the previous one.

The registar's solution wasn't enough for me. So I emailed the Department Chair of Chemistry and he said I needed to pick up a repeat course approval form from the registrar's office and have it signed by the Dean of Math and Science. Great!

But I look at the schedule and the chemistry class is completely FULL. All the labs and lectures are full. It's now full and classes don't start until mid August!

Sucks for me. This means I'd have to go to the first day of class and attend every lab and lecture hoping the professor has room to add which is a big pain in the ass.


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