Saturday, July 3, 2010

Look What I Found at Costco!

I've been finding great makeup deals lately. First it was the Urban Decay Naked Palette and now Stila!

As I was browsing the shampoo aisle, I found 2 lonely Stila sets randomly laying amongst a stack of shampoos. From the look of the set, I thought it would go for at least $40, but when I saw the price I was like, "No way, 19.99?!?" They were the last two sets so I snagged both of them! The left is the cool trio (stone, smog, kitten) and the right is the warm trio (lamé, chloe, kitten)...

Stila All About You Set

Orignal retail price breakdown:

#30 brush = $32.00

Full sized Lash Visor Waterproof Mascara = $20.00

Smudge pot = $20.00

Individual Eyeshadow = $18 ($18 x 3 = $54)

Total = $126

Costco Price = $19.99


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