Friday, May 16, 2008

Daily Report Card

I've been here in Belfast for a week now and it has been action packed. Thought I would do a brief update on what I've been doing so far...

1) Settled in sweetie's abode on the SHANKHILL! (More on this later)

2) We shopped for groceries together and WE cooked our first meal, spaghetti bolognese! He seems to enjoy cooking with me and is a quick study! I taught him how to make American french toast which he loves! He eventually wanted to try his hand at it alone the next morning, he made me breakfast in bed. Awwww!

3)I met his friends A&J, a lovely couple who live 20 mins from Belfast! (More on this later) It was the first time I was on his motorcycle in a very long time and I was shitting in my pants.

4) Met his friend Micheal who owns a vintage clothing store. Sweetie had to buy new jeanw cuz he's getting fat. LOL!

5) Took a lovely ride along the coast and now I have lovely hemmorhoids. I have a few pics but I'll upload them later. Too lazy!

Now it's time to accompany him to his doctor's appointment and experience the NHS which basically consists of sitting in the waiting room for 8 hours until you are called (that is if you're not dead by then). FUN! FUN!

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