Sunday, May 4, 2008

Math Dilemma

Flippin' Yank: Baby, my motorcycle gear which excludes helmet and boots weigh 13lbs. I am assuming the helmet is about 5lbs and the boots about 4lbs. That's 22lbs! My baggage allowance is 50lbs. This only leaves 28lbs for clothes! Therefore limiting my fashion options and this does not include SHOES! *whimpers*. $125 for each luggage over the free baggage allowance. Is it worth it?

Craig: Find out what it would cost to ship your motorcycle stuff here and see if it's less than the extra baggage. But make sure you can get it here for when you arrive. Remember you are saving a shit load on the trip as a whole anyway so even if you do have to pay extra for baggage you're still saving :-)

This is why he has a 129 I.Q.

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