Saturday, August 29, 2009

Earthquake Weather

It is freakin' hot today! It's around 97 degrees! Either Indian summer has started early or we are going to have an earthquake. Today was way too hot to spend all day outdoors so we didn't spend much time in the Farmer's Market. We got whatever we needed and booked it out of there. My dog, Maggie was in the back of the Landcruiser, we were worried about her also. Luckily, I packed some ice so it wouldn't be too hot for her.

«Another typical but roasting day at the Farmer's Market...»

It was so hot people were walking around wit parasols

Headless people playing chess!

New goodies in season from the Farmer's Market...

Bounty of peppers: red and green bell peppers, jalapenos, banana peppers! All this for only a dollar!

Succulent and sweet strawberries! $3 dollars for a huge basket!

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