Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Example of UK Customer Service

HopAlong actually took the time to type out a transcript of a customer service call with Sky TV. Just reading this frustrates me and makes me absolutely LIVID! I wouldn't stand for it, but then again UK customer service make American customer service reps look like saints.

Started getting letters from Sky a month or so ago about 1 of our boxes not being connected to a working telephone line. This happened around a year ago and an engineer came out and sorted it, apparently.
Anyway, I called them today and spoke with Jennifer.

Me: Hello Jennifer. I have a letter here saying that 1 or both our boxes are not connected to a telephone line.

J: Yes so i see. How is your box connected up?

Me: There's a box upstairs. A telephone line is coming from that, into the wall, comes out in the livingroom behind the main box. Both boxes are then plugged into a telephone extension line that was installed by your engineer. That runs along the wall and out into the hallway where it's plugged into the main phone socket.

J: There must be a problem with the line somewhere. You'll need to get on to BT to have them sort it out.

Me: I'm talking with you on the line now. The line is fine. The extension line your engineer fitted isn't exactly the best of jobs though. He basically got a length of telephone cable, badly fitted a double phone adapter at each end. He didn't even crimp 2 phone plugs at each end to plug into the adapters. He just stuck the wires into the bottom of each box.

J: You'll need to get on to BT to have that sorted out. It's their line.

Me: But BT didn't fit it. They're gonna tell me to call you.

J: We don't deal with lines here. There's nothing i can arrange at this end for that.

Me: But you're engineer fitted it.

J: He probably did it of his own bat.

Me: Well while he's in someones house working with a Sky t-shirt on, he's doing it of Skys bat.

J: You need to get on to BT to have a new extension fitted.

Me: So now i'm gonna have to pay to have a BT engineer come out to fix something your engineer installed?

J: Yes. And i notice you've had 2 letters sent out already. I should tell you that once you receive a 3rd letter it will be taken very seriously and you will be charged a fine so you better get it fixed.

Me: Thanks, bye.

I ripped the adapters off each end of the extension, went out to the garage and got my crimping tool and fitted the fuckin things properly. Sorted.

Is it me?

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