Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pinoy Pride Muthafuckas!!!

Pacquiao Flattens Hatten in Boxing Showdown (Photo courtesy of AFP)

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AFP) — Philippine southpaw Manny Pacquiao stopped Britain's Ricky Hatton in the second round here to match a boxing record by taking a title in his sixth different weight class.

The Filipino superstar knocked the Englishman down twice in the first round and finished off Hatton with a powerful left hand to the head that sent Hatton flat on his back.

Referee Kenny Bayless looked at the unmoving Hatton and waved his hands without even counting to 10, giving Pacquiao the victory after two minutes and 59 seconds of the second round.

Pacquiao won Hatton's International Boxing Organization junior welterweight title.

Pacquiao, seen as the world pound-for-pound champion, won his 10th fight in a row, improving to 49-3 with two drawn with his 37th early stoppage. Hatton fell to 45-2, losing at junior welterweight for the first time in his career.

My dad and my brother are probably dancing in the streets right now. Can you say owned? Ricky "the hitman" has been hit! ENGULUND, ENGULUND, ENGULUND! :P

For a more detailed account of this ass-kicking session, click here.

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