Monday, May 4, 2009

Political Parties in Northern Ireland

Unionist parties

* Ulster Unionist Party
* Democratic Unionist Party
* Progressive Unionist Party
* United Kingdom Independence Party
* United Unionist Coalition
* Traditional Unionist Voice

Republican or nationalist parties

* Social Democratic and Labour Party
* Sinn Féin
* Fianna Fáil

Non-registered parties or organisations

* Republican Sinn Féin
* éirígí
* Irish Republican Socialist Party

Supporting complete independence

* Ulster Third Way


* Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
* Communist Party of Ireland
* Socialist Party
* Socialist Workers Party
* Conservative Party (Although "Conservative Party" is short for "Conservative and Unionist Party", in the Northern Ireland Assembly Election, 2003 they pledged that if they were elected, they would not designate themselves as "Unionists" in a Northern Ireland context)
* Green Party
* Labour – Federation of Labour Groups aka "Labour", but unrelated to either the Labour Party in either the UK or the Republic of Ireland (This may change now that the British Labour Party has voted to allow NI residents to join it)
* Socialist Environmental Alliance
* Ulster Christian Democratic Party
* Vote for Yourself Party <----YES!!!
* Workers Party of Ireland

Other UK parties registered to stand in Northern Ireland

Many other parties have formally registered to contest elections in Northern Ireland but have no serious record of standing in elections there at the time of writing. The following parties on the official register do, however, have a record of standing in other parts of the United Kingdom and may stand in Northern Ireland in the near future:

* National Front
* Official Monster Raving Loony Party <---No Way! Hahaha!!! :D
* Respect – The Unity Coalition
* Veritas
* United Kingdom Independence Party
* British National Party

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