Friday, October 9, 2009

Ass Kissers, The Secret Post Office, and A New Food Find

Word has gotten out that I got the highest grade on the exam. Now people are approaching me asking if I want to be in their study group. There's this one girl who was really weird. She went up to me in the restroom as I was washing my hands and said, "You're in my class aren't you?". "Yes", I said. She then said, "You're my role model! Please help me study for the next exam so I can get a good grade!". Role model? She asked me where I was headed and asked if she could tag along. In my mind I was like, "oh HELL no!". I said I had an important appointment and booked it out of there. WEIRDO!

Downtown was loud and thunderous today. The Blue Angels were tearing up the sky, flying in between the skyscrapers. I went to Macy's basement to look for the secret post office since I had something to mail. Born and raised in SF and never knew about the secret post office. It was pretty neat!

I also found out that Macy's basement has a small food court. And I saw that Rick Bayless has a fast food restaurant here, Frontera Fresco. The first time I fell in love with Rick Bayless was when I watched Top Chef Masters. He is an awesome chef and was responsible for giving regional Mexican cuisine street cred to the gourmet world. He won Top Chef Masters and beat French chefs like Hubert Keller (even though I love Hubert Keller too). His restaurant, Tampolobampo in Chicago, is in my top three culinary destinations. I debated trying Frontera Fresco for fear I may go crazy and blow my diet, but instantly gave in when I read the menu. I had the sweet corn and green chile tamale and a chicken chipotle taco. Man, it was good and the ingredients tasted fresh, not fast-foody at all! The chicken was hormone free and all-natural, even better! The prices are reasonable too! I am definitely coming back here and taking HopAlong with me!

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