Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Long Distance Relationships Suck Donkey Balls

HopAlong been working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week and will do so for the next 5 weeks. If he worked a desk job, it would be somewhat manageable. But he works in a freezing warehouse and is on his feet all day doing back breaking work. It is beginning to wear and tear on his body:

"I feel like someone has chopped my feet off with a rusty blade. The pain is crazy because of these boots. Because I can't walk properly I'm now starting to get pains in my legs."

He comes home so exhausted and can barely talk to me on the phone. He's doing extra shifts to make extra money for his visit in November. I tell him that he doesn't have to kill himself and he could book for a later date. He says he wants to do the overtime and he wants to see me and has arranged a surprise getaway but he won't tell me where.

I worry about him a lot these days. What's worse is that I can't be there to support him, comfort him, tell him I love him and appreciate his sacrifice, give him foot rubs, and help him make his life easier.

Days like these are when you think long distance relationships suck BIGTIME! In the end, I know it will all be worth it when we're living together on the same continent forever! No more flying 5,600 miles back and forth, heart wrenching goodbyes at airports and filling the dark lonely void when we are apart. We've worked so hard for this relationship thus far, spent so much money, and sacrificed a great deal more than any couple I know (except for my parents, my mom and dad were separated by the Pacific Ocean for 7 years! A story for another time!). Then we have the fiance visa process to look forward to. There are so many hurdles to jump. To think of how many is overwhelming. I can't begin to imagine how both of us would feel when we've jumped them all, when we can finally look at each other in amazement and say, "Wow, we did it!"

LDR's aren't for everyone and I highly wouldn't recommend it. If you're not 110% committed to putting the work in, forget it. Otherwise if you're insane like me, good luck to you, you're gonna need it!

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Debe Kennedy said...

I agree about the LDR's..did it for 3 years (we did the K1) as well. Hang in there!!