Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Found Out My Car Got Totaled

My dad drove my car to drop something off at my uncle's house. My uncle pursuaded my dad to come inside to check out the new house. As my dad got out of the car, BAM! A BMW slammed against the left rear of the car and dragged my car a several feet down the street. He hit a neighbor's car too.

Everyone went outside to check out what's going on. My dad tells the driver who looked like he was high on drugs to stay put. He makes a run for it and luckily, there were two cops off duty and chased him down.

My dad showed me the pictures and it's not a pretty sight. The car is unrepairable, it looked like a wrecking ball went at it.

I just thank the high heavens that my dad wasn't hurt. He could have been in that car! He told me the driver's side was completely caved in!

A car can be replaced. It's just metal and plastic and rubber and glass. Not skin and bones and body and soul.


staging professionals in Toronto said...

I'm sorry what has happened to your car. Good that nobody was hurt. Similar thing happened last night on our street. It was about midnight and I suddenly heard noise coming from the street. Probably drunk driver hit firstly road sign in front of our house and then also neighbor's fence. Unfortunately I spotted only back-up lights of the car in distance when I looked out of the window. Hopefully this was all damage he caused.

Best regards,

Flippin' Yank said...

Thanks. Don't really care much about the car but glad nobody was hurt.

It took 30 seconds between the time my dad exited the car and the point of impact. Talk about lucky! Someone up there was watching!