Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cafe Paul Rankin

Paul Rankin, celebrity chef of Belfast, has a few eating establishments scattered throughout Belfast. Craig and I accidentally stumbled across his cafe, which serves affordable food for the masses.

Craig is so excited, he can't contain himself.

It was a hot and humid today. The last thing we wanted to do was sit inside a stuffy cafe. Unfortunately, seating outside was all full. We decided to sacrafice our discomfort to sample celebrity food Belfast stylie. The place was completely packed but we managed to find a seat. I ordered at the counter and the food was brought to our table. I was surprised the food came as quickly as it did, despite it being very busy.

Craig ordered the Chicken Ceasar Salad and I had the Chef Sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich w/ roasted red peppers, and pesto served in a bap with chips and salad with a mustard vinagrette. I wasn't really impressed with my meal. The Grilled chicken was very dry, and the pesto wasn't substantial to the sandwich. It was mediocre at best. Craig's dish on the other hand was amazing! It was THE best chicken ceasar salad I have ever had! It was so good that Craig ate in silence. And here I was sitting across him watching him in envy while I ate my dry grilled chicken sandwich. :(

While Craig was devouring his salad, I had the opportunity to witness delinquency close up. Outside, a riot was about to ensue between two patrons fighting over table. A shifty women next to our table was acting very shifty and stole a deli sandwich. She noticed that I noticed and she got up to pretend to order at the queue but turned around and left. The food at Cafe Rankin is good but I wouldn't say it was that good you would commit a crime.

Would I come back to Cafe Paul Rankin again? The answer is definitely yes. Very casual atmosphere. Staff are friendly, attentive and nice. Fast service. Chicken Ceasar, hell yes! Chef Sandwich, hell no!

Food: 5 (for chicken ceasar salad only)
Customer Service: 4
Atmosphere: 3

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