Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hop Along Gets A New Cast

We are back home after a long and exhausting day. We had an early start this morning and headed straight to City Hospital. After 3 hours, Craig got his xray and a new cast. Everything is looking good and his leg is healing nicely!

We took a bus to the City Centre and had a bite to eat at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Victoria Square. I was dubious and was expecting overpriced, mediocre burgers but I was impressed at the choices they offer and it was, in fact, gourmet. Craig ordered the chorizo burger which is topped with spicy chorizo, sweet potato, rocket, and tomato. I ordered the portabella burger with roasted red peppers, rocket, pesto, and may. We shared a side order of chips and for £1.50 they have several sauces to choose from Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chilli, Barbecue, etc. We went with the Garlic Mayo. There seems to be a growing trend of going up to the counter to order and pre-paying. They will take your drink order at the table but food orders must be at the counter. It doesn't make sense.

Our burgers were stacked high. My portabella burger was very good, somewhat watery, the juice was dripping down my forearm. The only thing missing was cheese. It needed melted monterey jack cheese like the Portabella burgers at Barney's back home. *Sigh* I couldn't complain. I enjoyed my meal. Craig's chorizo burger was awkward to eat. They shouldn't have used a burger bun because the long strips of sausage didn't quite fit in the bun, it was like forcing a square peg into a round hole. He at his burger with a fork and knife. Chips were decent and the garlic mayo sauce was very rich and garlicky. Although it is quite pricey, I would eat here again.

Food: 4
Service: 2 (there wasn't any really, but the food came out quick)
Atmosphere: 1 (it was in a mall...so bleh)

After lunch, we decided to check out what was showing at the Odeon, the new cinemaplex at the Victoria Centre. I heard Wall-E had good reviews and it was showing at 3.00PM. We had an hour to kill before the movie so we went shopping. I made poor Craig hobble about and follow me around. Luckily, his new cast is lighter and didn't really cause him discomfort. He had the patience of a saint. I could be a handful expecially when I shop.

I love him soooooooo bad. Excuse me while I cuddle with my best friend until the sun shines down on Ireland.

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