Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Last Supper

In 5 minutes, summer will be officially over!

Today was somewhat of a stressful event. We were to be at the olds' house around 3PM to cook a special dinner for the family. Unfortunately, on Sundays stores don't open until 1PM, which meant I really had to book it to Marks & Spencer. On the way over, I realized that this would probably be my last walk up to the Lisburn Road. I took a shortcut and crossed through Adelaide Park and soaked in the scenery. I love neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and the huge period homes were easy on the eyes.

Craig and I cooked a meal that impressed the family. Fresh salmon, mussels, and scallops we bought at St. George's Market. It was a seafood bonanza. The starter was pan seared scallops with a lemon butter, parsley sauce and mussels steamed in white wine. Main course: Pan seared salmon with roasted new potatoes and asparagus. Even though Craig was supposed to be head chef and I was his sous chef, he was kind of lost in the coordination in the beginning and walking around in circles. He got back on track and pulled it off. His mom was amazed how much he has changed. He couldn't even boil an egg and now he's searing salmon? AND he wants to shop at St. George's every weekend to pick up fresh ingredients to cook from scratch? Unbelievable! I take pride in the fact that my love for food rubbed off of him. I don't think I could deal with someone who isn't into food as much as I am. For dessert, we had Tarte aux pommes with velvety frozen clotted cream. YUMMY! Sorry, no pictures. I didn't have time to pick up the camera in a state of frenzy.

After dinner, we chilled for awhile. Craig washed my motorcycle gear to sell on ebay. Since it was Craig's brother's birthday, we dropped by to say hi since I haven't met his fiancee. They will be getting married in Cuba in 2010. I don't think we're invited.

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