Thursday, August 28, 2008

No More Hop-Along

We spent a grueling 4 hours in the Belfast City Hospital waiting room until Craig was called to be seen by the doctor. Craig finally got his cast off. I was surprised the doctor expected for him to walk right away without crutches despite the fact the x-ray shows that he still has a slight fracture. Hmmmm....

Craig was just so elated that he has a leg and a foot again, we went to the city centre right after the hospital. I didn't think it was a good idea but he's such a stubborn mule. We went shopping at Victoria Centre. I wanted to buy some yoga pants for my flight home. All my yoga pants I brought with me were tattered and gross. I ended up going crazy at Next with all the selection of shoes. Shoes, shoes galore. I spotted a coat that screamed out my name and what do you know that it only costs £50. Craig says it looked perfect on me and was very Audrey Hepburnish. Craig got a new coat at H&M, my farewell treat! He looked so delicious in it, I had to buy it for him! I now have a Belfast coat and everytime I wear it in San Francisco (just in time for indian summer - yeah right), I will think of Craig and Belfast. Craig also has a San Francisco coat he bought when he was here last year. We can time it so we can both wear our coats at the same time even though we are at opposite ends of the world! How romantic!

I finally got my wish and ate at the Spanish Restaurant La Tasca. The menu was overwhelming and we didn't know what to order. It was tapas after tapas after tapas. And when the waitress explained to us the procedure we were doubly confused. We ended up getting the Seafood Chef special with a side order of Albondigas (meatballs) because I have been craving Albondigas ever since I ended up here. Oh and a pitcher of Sangria, of course! The meal was excellent. In the Seafood special we had a mixed green salad, fried calamari, mussels, white fish in tomato sauce, and battered shrimp. The Albondigas blew my mind and for a chain restaurant set in a mall it wasn't too bad. The ambience was great and the decor was astounding, it felt like I was in Spain. On top of that, the servers were Spanish. They were very cordial and checked up on us if everything was fine (very rare phenomenon in Belfast). All this place needs is a flamenco dancer. I give this place an overall 4 for food, service, and ambience. I would come back here again.

A wide array of tapas!

I almost forgot the most important highlight of our evening -- the dessert -- Mousse de Crema Catalana! Decadent chocolate and airy creaminess - in center was an oozing surprise too provocative to mention on television. It was utterly orgasmic!

Mousse de Crema Catalana

Afterwards we had a nice evening walk. I notice as each day passes it is getting dark earlier and earlier. Nature's way of reminding me that summer is almost over, fall is approaching, and my Belfast adventure is soon coming to an end.

Belfast Aye at Night

I'm not gonna say 'I told you so!'

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