Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking News: The Latest Craze in Men's Fashion is Sweeping Europe!!!

Ultra-luxurious sheer tights for men! Sporting lightly reinforced toes and a crotch gusset for strength and added durability, this style is sheer pleasure to wear. This style features a perfect lighter weight fabric for warmer weather. The fabric in the graduated full support leg and comfortable sheer control brief is so soft and fine. This is truly a breakthrough in hosiery design, and you will be very impressed. Once you put these on, the word "unbelievable!" will come to mind, and you just won’t want to take them off! They’re THAT good...truly superb! This is proving to be a best seller!

No joke. This was on this morning's BBC NI news. Apparently, they are selling like hotcakes! I wonder if American men will ever catch on to what is basically control top pantyhose?

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Joanne said...

That's just wrong on so many different levels. Manuel you got yours yet? : )