Monday, August 4, 2008

My Name is Flippin' Yank and I Am A Pluviophobic

I just realized that I may have a phobic condition called Pluviophobia: The Fear of rain or of being rained on. I have to learn that life doesn't stop because of the rain. Because of my Pluviophobia, I missed all the amazing events that happened this weekend...

Fellow blogger welldonefillet just reminded me that the Gay Pride festival was last Saturday. I'm sorry I missed it. It would have been interesting to see how it compares to the mother of Gay Pride Parades in San Francisco. I didn't hear any controversy over it other than the comment made by MP Iris Robinson who said that "gay sex was an abomination". As a result of her ignorance, party official demand that she resign as Chair from the Stormont Health Committee. Despite the downpour, thousands of people were still out there cheering the LGBT community! It goes to show that Belfast is slowly turning over a new leaf and becoming more tolerant of 'alternative' lifestyles. Baby steps.

I'm also sorry I missed the opening of Feile An Phobail in West Belfast, which is the largest community festival in Europe. All is not lost. There will be a full week full of events comedy acts, art exhibits workshops, music concerts, drive-in movies the list goes on and on. The options are so daunting, there's so many to choose from! I'm planning to attend some of them, if I can figure out which ones to go to.


Time for a change. said...

I am Californian. I dont do rain. I tell my husband this all the time. I melt. Its what we do, melt in the rain.
After all the years here, I am still shocked beyond belief that people's lives go on even in the rain. They go out and *gasp* get wet. I shudder at the thought of it. :)

Flippin' Yank said...

Rain just makes me want to crawl under the covers and sleep.