Monday, March 16, 2009

The Boys at Lurgan Ain't Nuthin' Compared to This Riot!

Thousands of starving wannabe models riot over a bologne and cheese sandwich in New York City...

Six women received medical treatment and three people were arrested after what local radio described as a stampede as thousands waited in New York to audition for the reality show America's Next Top Model.

A New York Police Department official said two women and a man were arrested on charges of inciting to riot and disorderly conduct.

WINS radio reported that chaos erupted outside a midtown Manhattan hotel after a car belching smoke pulled up near the line of women late in the afternoon, leading to a cry of "fire" that sparked panic. Witnesses told the station the situation was compounded when a man leapt from a car and began grabbing women's purses.

The police spokesman could not confirm the details of the radio report. Police said six women in the crowd were treated after complaining of feeling faint. Some of the women had lined up all night to audition for the show that airs on the CW network and stars former model Tyra Banks.

Sidewalks were littered with chairs and sleeping bags from those who waited overnight, as well as clothes and shoes abandoned in the rush of screaming women, radio reported.

The auditions were for the show's 13th cycle of competition, for which about a dozen contenders will eventually be selected.

More auditions will follow in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles, according to the show's website

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