Monday, March 9, 2009


Despite what happened last night, it was just a typical Sunday. People here at the house aren't glued to the tv watching updates on the latest news or aren't interested in recapping a blow by blow of what happened.

Like any other day, mom cleaned the house from top to bottom and tended to the Sunday roast in the oven. The wee sister hung out with her friends. The stepdad parked in front of the tv watching a movie. The boy took a nap coming home from work while I plow away at reading.

It's like nothing ever happened and why make a fuss? There's nothing for them to do but shake their heads and say, "Not this...again?". Then they get on with life.

But honestly, if it were the other way around and soldiers shot the "republican dissidents", I think there would be some reason for concern.

The story completely changes when the tables are turned.

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