Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Riot in South Belfast???

PSNI officers clashed with revellers during rioting in south Belfast today. Photograph: PA

Yesterday there was a riot in South Belfast. When I saw the news I was completely shocked because South Belfast is generally a quiet and peaceful area. Not only that, but I was astounded that the riot was incited by Queens University students living in the Holylands. I guess with St. Paddy's Day it reached the brink with drunk party revellers everywhere.

The Holylands is an area located near the University. Much of its residents comprise of rowdy students and frustrated local homeowners. Over the years, the students' rambunctious behavior has gotten out of hand to the chagrin of many private homeowners in the area.

Homeowners are fed up and want them out including this blogger who has been chronicling the deterioration of the community since 2006. His blog was so controversial that he was arrested and at one point was beaten to a pulp. So much for free speech!

Scary thought that these co-eds (academia's cream of the crop supposedly) will be Northern Ireland's future! Looks like Queens will have a mess to clean up at their expense. They should all be kicked out of university with that kind of behavior!


Unknown said...

I still remember going to hospital while I was pregnant and having blood taken by an intern who was absolutely rank from the night before. He smelt like a mini brewery when he came in to the room.

Comforting, eh?

I always felt sorry for the residents in Holylands. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of students there to knuckle down and get through university, but a lot of them just seem to be there to take the piss as well.

Flippin' Yank said...

I can't believe that intern was able to get away with that! I hope he was barred from the medical board!

I used to live in Stranmillis, for the most part I really liked living there. Unfortunately, rowdiness is starting to spread in that area as well. I feel sorry for those serious students who, you know, actually go to University to get their degree NOT party and waste their parents' hard earned money!

Anonymous said...

any medical student turning up to work intoxicated/smelling of alcohol is immediatly suspended from the course of work placement pending a university investigation. The supervisor of the person in question, ie, your nurse! was not doing his or her job either.
As for the holylands rioting, it is inexcusable, but was fuelled by a few thugs that were not from the area and came in to cause trouble when a heavy handed police force was rumoured to be in the area. How can students be held accountable for other people that turn up for 'the paddys day rip' and simply return home the following day leaving the students who live and study there full time to deal with the consequences of their actions, both legally from the governing bodies and further illegally by the holylands 'hard men,' ...

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like someone has been reading the Sinn Fein 'How To Give A News Report' handbook. Heavy handed? People in this country have no idea what a heavy handed police force is. Go to America and try that shit. You'll get a beating, and deserve it.
A few thugs? Looked to me like the whole street was involved directly or indirectly by ignoring the police requests for them to go indoors. If that were happening in my street and i was outside and didn't want to be involved, i'd go indoors and watch it through the window. "How can students be held account?" By not distancing themselves from the supposed trouble makers and going inside, that's how.
Funny how it's always the fault of the Police isn't it.
Yeah the Police went around that day pouring shit loads of drink down all the students fat necks just so they could have a barney with them later. For god sake behave yourself. Permanent residents of the Holylands have been taking this kinda shit, albeit not on this scale, for a good few years now. It's well out of order. Do me a favor. Don't try to make excuses for people like that. And try blaming the people who were at fault for a change instead of taking the easy target, the Police.

Jennifer said...

Just reading these comments and I'd have to disagree to Uni students getting a "beating and deserving it" in America. My god, they have parades full of this kinda behaviour in Boston/ New York.

I can't really say what sparked this kind of Bacchus-like behaviour of the students but traditionally, the police/ RUC have been notoriously brutal and corrupt. Two words: B Specials.

Regardless, these students need a lesson in respect for others and their property - plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Listen Blow-in, aka Jennifer. Three words. IRA Bombing Campaign.
So lets see. You've had a wee visit to Norn Iron and all of a sudden you're an expert, albeit completely biased. Don't believe the hype darling. Both sides were and are as bad as eachother. If you're gonna start making comments on this country, at least try to be intelligent about it and take the middle ground.
You seem to have been completely sucked in by the old 'poor catholics' syndrome. Back in the day here, poor was no respector of religion. Try to see both sides. Failing that, keep your uneducated opinions to yourself please.

Anonymous said...

In the US, if you throw a bottle at someone you are assaulting them and the cops have a right to use force to protect themselves and everyone else's safety. In a mob mentality, heavy force is sometimes necessary.

Anonymous said...

It's like the morons who cried foul in Oakland when they were throwing shit at the Oakland police and they got tear-gassed/rubber-bulleted. I mean, dude, hello ... it's Oakland, take your yuppie greenpeace ass back to SF if you don't want a beatdown.

Jennifer said...

Dear Hop Along

I'm not sure what a "blow in" is but it sounds ok to me.

Yes, I've had a visit to your lovely city and although I'm no expert, unfortunately I have read and studied history and therefore have educated opinions about stuff.

You're right though - poverty isn't limited to one side and I do try to see both sides of every story.

I suppose your reply is to be expected and really, the only issue I had was the comment about students "deserving" a beating.

belfast samizdat said...

I lived in the Holyland for 18 years. It's worse than you think. These people are completely out of control and have driven the local residents out. Only 50-80 remain.

I suggest you have a look at my blog:-

Anonymous said...
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