Friday, March 6, 2009

Fenian Steak

From the kitchen, wafted a pleasant smell. I asked Craig what he's got on the cooker and he said, "Fenian Steak accompanied with grilled asparagus, roasted baby tomatoes, and parsley buttered red potatoes." Haha! I love how I've turned my Ulsterman into a bonafied food snob. To think, last year he couldn't even boil water! The only thing he could cook was potnoodles in the microwave. And now he wouldn't even dare dream of eating processed food, everything has to be made from fresh ingredients from scratch. We hardly even eat out any more because we would always find ourselves disappointed with almost every restaurant we go to and find it a waste dropping the extra cash for crap food. He has become very picky about how this doesn't taste right, something is missing from the dish. I think he has a more sensitive palate than I do. Observing him at restaurants makes me crack up. He sounds like a pretentious food critic, a regular Gordon Ramsay.

To top it all off, the Proddie is cooking Fenian Steak on a Friday?!?

Fenian steak is a term used amongst Irish Catholics referring to fish. Catholics are not allowed to eat red meat on Fridays during Lent as a form of Penance, the only meat they are allowed to eat on Fridays is fish.

*BTW Fenian is a derogatory name for a Roman Catholic but when used amongst Catholics it's a compliment (i.e. unrepentant fenian bastard). To call a Catholic a "taig" is also an insult. If you're not Catholic and you address them with either of these words, they will give you something to be repentant about. Just sayin' :)


Joanne said...

Hey glad you're back! I obviously haven't been reading the blog for a while. Fenian steak looks the bomb!

Anonymous said...

Joanne is back. YAY!.lol

Flippin' Yank said...


Hi stranger! :D Yes, I'm back the boy was lost without me. It's bit better the second time around except I'm freezing my ass off!