Thursday, March 5, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy Recieves Honorary Knighthood

Gerry Adams (left) with Senator Ted Kennedy.

It was announced yesterday that Queen Elizabeth II will award Ted Kennedy knighthood for his "services to strengthen British-American relationships and his involvment in the Northern Ireland peace process. Excuse me for my ignorance, but how has he contributed to the peace process by expressing sympathies for the IRA (they say allegedly but give me a break it was so obvious)and pissing off many Protestants when "he called for the immediate withdrawal of the Army, claiming that Protestants who could not accept a united Ireland should be given a decent opportunity to go back to Britain"? The only redeeming thing he's done was diss Gerry Adams when he visited the States "for St Patrick's Day in 2005 in protest at the IRA murder of Catholic Robert McCartney who was brutally beaten in a Belfast pub." Ted found this the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to the world that, "No I don't support the IRA or Sinn Fein" when it is a well known fact that the Kennedy family has a long history of supporting IRA terrorism. Public 'assumption' believes that he backed the IRA with his financial support, but no evidence to prove this.

In my opinion, considering his stellar track record, he's not exactly a prime candidate to be honored anything or as far as Northern Ireland is concerned.

Lets look at Ted Kennedy's legacy:

1) Caught twice for cheating in college.

2) Led a lifetime of selfishness- adultery, alcoholism and hard drug use.

3) Committed felony manslaughter & then bullied the victim's family and the local authorities, escaping justice and 20 years in prison that anyone else would have been punished, never going to prison for his crime- abandoning a young lady to drown so he could sober up and try to claim he was not there...

4) Ted's senate legacy is raising the minimum wage for high school students.

5) Father, Joe, the Irish mafia racketeer betrayed the U.K. to the nazi movement, when he was UK diplomat, during WWII.

6) Lived off of his criminal father's blood-money, never earning a dime by hard work.

But, Ted Kennedy has always carried the socialist flag, SO, all his human failures, his lifetime of cheating, lying and abuse of power, his legacy of supporting socialism, his shameful arrogance as one of the biggest hypocrites of our political lifetime doesn't matter, BUT Teddy carries the socialist flag! Therefore, everything negative he has ever done is over-looked if he kneels at the altar of socialism and kiss Hollywood's brown ring! -Politics Forum, Yahoo

Has the Queen lost her mind?


Unknown said...

Okay, let's not fall out here, because I'm generally unimpressed about "Sir" Ted Kennedy.

But caution when you say "it is a well known fact that the Kennedys have a long history of supporting IRA terrorism."

In fact, Ted Kennedy was opposed to Noraid and worked WITH the Irish Government to combat this. It was in neither's interest to support the IRA.

There is no denying Ted Kennedy's cosying up to the Irish-American lobby. Though I never saw the other Kennedys -- Bobby, John, Joe Sr -- as caring much about it.

I'm content to let this political hack go down with a bauble. Goodness know the Queen has given honours to other unsavory and undeserving characters. At least we won't have to put up with "Sir" Ted in the House of Lords!

Flippin' Yank said...

But caution when you say "it is a well known fact that the Kennedys have a long history of supporting IRA terrorism."

You're right, my mistake. It's all hearsay...I want to believe it because I hate the guy.

Duly noted and text edited.

Unknown said...

I still contest the assertion that Ted Kennedy anyway supported the IRA, but there's no denying he wasn't a buddy of the British identity and presence in Northern Ireland, thus making PM Brown's gushing praise for him all the more queer.

Anyway, here's an article in Time magazine that you should find interesting:,8599,1883661,00.html