Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breaking News: State of Emergency in Northern California

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- Tragedy strikes the SF Bay Area today as a strange wet material began to fall from the sky at 8 A.M. Thousands of people on their way to work had to scramble for cover as many were trampled and seriously injured. A statement made by SF Mayor, Gavin Newsom, said that authorities weren't ruling out the possibility of a chemical attack by Al Qaeda but it is too soon to draw any conclusions.

Professors at UC Berkeley have gathered some samples and are analyzing the strange material. Northern California has been placed under quarantine for fear of the substances spreading to other parts of the state.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in an official address stated that, "This has posed as a serious threat to the Californian way of life. It is advised that everyone stay indoors. A state of emergency has been declared all throughout the Bay Area."

Billions of dollars have already been reported lost by the department of Tourism. This could be an even more crippling blow to the economy since California has declared bankruptcy in the depths of the recession.

An eyewitness, a San Francisco resident who was walking her dog in Golden Gate Park said, "I was walking my dog Misty as I do every morning. When I felt a wet substance hitting my head, face, and arms. My skin started to sting and I had to run for cover under some trees."

Emergency services are rushing food supplies to people stranded in BART stations and MUNI bus shelters. Schools are in lockdown and emergency red cross shelters have been set up for those trapped outside.

Stay tuned for more updates...

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