Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lazy Easter Sunday

So Part 3 of Craig's birthday bash...

Last Sunday we woke up around 3pm! We were so exhausted from our action packed Saturday, that we decided to relax and kick it.

We took a stroll towards Hayes Valley for some grub and take in the sites along the way...

San Francisco City Hall

Environmental sculptures by Patrick Dougherty.

Even the homeless take holidays

Hayes Valley

Gourmet Burgers at Flippers

Dolores Street. Hilly, quiet and beautiful, it's shaded by palm trees and lined by grand old Victorians. Dolores Park remains a favorite for those who wish to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Mission.

Mission Dolores, the oldest building in San Francisco founded in 1776

Someone left a cheesecake for the Virgin Mary and boots so she can walk off the calories

Dolores Park

Later that night, we headed back to the Plough and Stars for their Sunday Traditional Irish Music session...

8 musicians jamming around the table. I apologize for the bad picture quality but the audio is great!

All was good in the hood until the next post...

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