Monday, April 27, 2009

Cheap Eats in Belfast

This post was inspired by a fellow blogger from Glasgow who is visiting Belfast. She was asking for cheap places to eat. For the life of me, I couldn't compile a list and when I did it turned out to be a very sad list. Below was my response. Any recs from fellow Belfastians would be greatly appreciated, please feel free to add to this list...

As for cheap eats I've been trying to compile a list and it's a short one b/c I cook most of the time cuz I'm a food snob and am consistently disappointed whenever I eat out. Not sure if they are still open, but here goes...

Stay away from Victoria Square it's expensive.

Around the City Centre, Northern Whig, The Apartment are medium priced, Morning Star is great food, great place but a bit pricey. Chalet D'or, Isabelle's, Blinker's cheap places but all greasy spoons. All Chinese takeaways are cheap. We frequented The Emerald on the Dublin Road across from Pizza Hut but not sure if it's still there.

Take a dander around the university lots of cheap places to eat there. Walk up Stranmillis Road. Sinnamon is a good place for breakfast. Lolita's for Indian. And lots of other takeaways. Conor Cafe is excellent but a bit pricey.

On Eglantine Avenue there's Thai Tanic, decent Thai Food. The Mad Hatter is next door, great breakfast place. Lisburn Road has all the hip restaurants from expensive (Shu, Porterhouse among others), to numerous cafes, Simply Food Marks & Sparks, and The Yellow Door Deli, great sandwich place.

Up the Shankill: Chinese, Thai, Indian, Pizza, KFC, Subway, chippies. There's Tudor Cafe, a hole in the wall where you can get a whole Sunday roast dinner for like 5 quid. Shankill is easy to get to from City Centre, just take any 11 bus off to the side of Shitty Hall on Wellington Place.

That's it off the top of my head. Hope this helps.

Oh and I also forgot...Botanic Avenue! You're bound to find cheap eats there.


Unknown said...

The morning star has an all you can eat for £5.50 in the bar during the week which isn't bad, I ate there a load of times. The Garrick Bar is cheap to medium depending on what you order. And McHugh's isn't bad either if you stick to the specials.

Flippin' Yank said...

Awesome! I didn't know that about the Morning Star. Thanks Leanne!