Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stuff Yer Cakehole!

Mario's Cafe in Westhoughton do a big breakfast for £10! Eat it all in 20 mins without a drink to wash it down with and you get it free!

It's 10 eggs, 10 bacon, 10 sausage, 10 toast, 5 black puddings, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms.

Hang on a minute – where’s the bleedin’ chips? Lightweights!

For anyone fancying the challenge, the address is:

67 Market St
Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3AG
01942 813287

Does the £10 include triple bypass surgery and a lifetime supply of Plavix? :-O


Unknown said...

Ack my husband could knock that out and go back for seconds:)

Joanne said...

That's just gross, I could murder a bloody sausage though. Hey I used to live near Westhoughton, seriously I was thinking 'boy there's a Westhoughton in Belfast too??' Small world : )