Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Norn Iron is Going Bananas Again!!!

We go away on holiday for a few weeks and Norn Iron turns into a war torn third world country?!? Craig received this email from a friend this morning which made him very upset...

Anyhoo for the second day running Norn Iron has been without drinking water due to some sort contamination which they can't identify just yet. Tesco ran out of bottled water by 10am this morning and the government are seriously considering shipping in water from England. On the usual front, Protestant churches and orange halls are still being attacked (even my old one on the shankill) and in a new twist Sinn Fein offices are being petrol bombed by the real IRA. If I were you I would apply for a company transfer to the States.

I mean...WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Is this a joke?


Unknown said...

Hehe, don't forget the latest security alerts. Maybe Oxfam can help dig us some wells?

Sure as crazy as it is, the water is only 'possibly' contaminated and since I was drinking it before I read about the alert its not that bad, quite tasty infact :D More a precaution at a guess incase anything affects the old and vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

The water is just fine. No need to panick.

Unknown said...

I should probably read the news more often. I thought the water smelt of chlorine at the start of the week.