Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everybody is Irish

I was sitting in the hallway waiting for class. All of a sudden a well dressed huge African-American man with dreadlocks approaches me...

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Dreadlockman: Please tell me you have a phone!

Flippin' Yank: Sure! (I reach down in my backpack and hand him my phone)

Dreadlockman: Thanks! Appreciate it.

After he makes his call, he hands me the phone.

Dreadlockman: What nationality are you?

Flippin' Yank: I'm Filipino.

Dreadlockman: Oh you PRETTY! I am chatting online with a Filipina. She's in the Philippines.

Flippin' Yank: So it's a romantic relationship?

Dreadlockman: Yes, I hope to see her next year. We haven't met yet.

Flippin' Yank: Good luck with that! My fiance is in Ireland right now.

Dreadlockman: No way! Is he coming here?

Flippin' Yank: Yes, he's been here a few times already.

Dreadlockman: I have Irish in me.

Flippin' Yank: You do?

Dreadlockman: Yeah, my great great great great grandfather is Irish. His last name was O'Connor. He was a slave driver but a nice slave driver. He was with the Ku Klux Klan

Flippin' Yank furrows eyebrows. KKK, slave driver, and nice. Which of these things don't belong with the other?

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