Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is Noe Valley...

Like many other San Francisco neighborhoods, Noe Valley started out as a working-class neighborhood for employees and their families in areas once-thriving blue-collar economy, but has since undergone successive waves of gentrification and is now considered an upscale, yuppie area. It is home to many urban professionals, particularly young couples with children, and it is not unusual for a well-maintained house in Noe Valley to sell for two million dollars or more.

Public transportation to Noe Valley is provided by the Muni 24, 26, 35, and 48 bus lines, and by the J Church Muni Metro line. -Wikipedia

«Take a tour...»

This is called a muni transfer. You can use it to ride public transportation all over the city until it expires

This is the J Church streetcar. It takes you to Noe Valley.

Noe Valley is a quiet,clean, sunny residential neighborhood lined with trees, cafes, restaurants, bookstores, shops, bakeries, health and speciality foodstores and more. If I had seventy bajillion dollars, I would buy a Victorian house in Noe Valley with large bay windows and hardwood floors where Hop Along, our weimaraner and I would live happily ever after.

In Noe Valley, people like to chill outside and talk on their iphones

...and dine al fresco

They also like to read books...

and sit on the sidewalk to drink coffee. - Photo courtesy of

They walk their dogs here too.

This is where new age yuppie moms give birth, I guess

This is an easter egg colored house

This is a pretty mural.

My favorite things...

I love this store! They sell clothes, shoes and bags here.

and another one!

This was where I hung out in my teens. Sadly it has closed down. :(

This is a bookstore that sells nothing but vintage and new books about FOOD!!!

This cheese store sells Iberico ham.

This is a tea room.

This is a Mayan restaurant.

This is Savor, a great place for breakfast.

This is Barney's Gourmet Burgers where you can get , portobello mushroom burgers, spicy curly fries w/ ranch dressing and Turkish coffee milkshakes. I am going to eat here...

This is my healthy lunch and my new book

This is the J Church again. Bye bye Noe Valley, see you again soon!

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