Friday, September 4, 2009

I Finally Saw Food Inc Yesterday

I don't think I want to eat meat again. The treatment of animals in this documentary was horrific. The meat manufacturing plants literally looked like animal concentration camps. The crap that they put in the food like hormones to expedite growth, chickens in cramped dark coops never seeing the light of day, cows knee deep in their own shit, ammonia sprayed over the meat to kill ecoli, antibiotics and dead chickens in the feed, cloning, genetically modified and chemically laden produce to prolong shelf life, spraying ethyline gas to make them ripen quickly. The monopoly of certain food industry congolomerates such as the evil Monsanto made my blood boil. Ugh!

Some people say this is a necessarily evil. It's the only type of production that will feed demands of an overpopulated human species and that there is no way you can sustain a population of our size through organic farming. Do you think this is true? Is this any justification to continue to produce low quality food?

I've said this time and time again...Buy in season and buy locally grown direct from the farmer! Your health depends on it because you never know what you are getting at the supermarket.

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Joanne said...

Amen sista to the last comment! Thanks for the update. I'd love to see it for myself. As for meat eating, it's been over a month for us and neither of us is missing it. We actually cut out all animal products, cheese, milk, yoghurt etc I feel so much better and an added bonus, the weight is dropping off : )