Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bodhran Lesson Part Deux

I was rushing up my teacher's street and was out of breath when I finally reached his door. I was dreading today. It's been two weeks since I last had my first lesson and I haven't practiced. Furthermore, I didn't buy my drum yet. And last I heard from my teacher was an email reprimanding me for not showing up.

He asked me if I practiced and I said, "Not as often as I should". Then he gave me a lecture on the importance of persistance and practicing everyday. Basically, he was telling me I am a lazy ass. He told me to go over the techinques that were taught to me 2 weeks ago. Fuck if I remember?!?!? So I did and he said that I sounded really good. I'm not sure if he's just egging me on, being polite when, in fact,I suck.

He taught me new rhythms and this crazy drum roll triplet where you slightly grasp the stick and hit both ends of the stick against the drum. He was going at 100 mph, everything just went over my head. But I was on autopilot and just did it and he said, "Good!".

He then played a jig and made me play to the music. I never know what the heck to do during these moments when I'm on the spot. I feel like a specimen under a microscope. Him sitting across me and criticizing my every move. He told me that I have a natural aptitude for rhythm (well duh, I'm a percussionist) and the things that he's taught me today, he usually teaches during week 5 to his other students.

I asked him if there were different regional bodhran styles. He says that is a dying art because the newer generation are bastardizing the old traditions by bringing in oustide influences. Although, regional styles are still alive and well by flute music. How they were different my teacher doesn't know. I would love to go to the West Coast of Ireland again and hang out in County Clare or even in the Aran Islands. I wonder what their take is on traditional music. There's always next time! I have yet to go to a session at a pub. And I mean real traditional Irish folk music, not some fat chick playing an accordian and some old dude w/ an electric guitar singing Johnny Cash.

He then let me borrow a CD so I can practice all the jigs and he's expecting me to improvise over them next week without his help or without stopping. This is my homework. I will need a taperecorder next time, because I've forgotten everything he's taught today. I also need to go into the city centre to buy my drum. It will be an exciting day since this is the first time I've ventured out on the bus without Craig. Yay!

I am a little apprehensive though. I don't fear getting lost it's asking the "durdles" for directions because I can't understand them. Oh! I almost forgot. On the way to drum class 2 young lads asked me if I knew where a street was. Does this mean I'm no longer an outsider? (No, it just means that these dudes were lost.)


theeAdversary said...

Always good sessions in Kelly's Cellars or Madden's Bar in the city centre.

Flippin' Yank said...

I was planning to check out Madden's Bar but wasn't so sure I'd come across another Johnny Cash nightmare. But now I feel confident with your suggestion! Cheers! :)