Monday, July 28, 2008

This is Why I Hate my Housemate!!!

She leaves her alcohol everywhere!

Would it kill her to empty the trash?!?!? How hard is it to put cans and bottles in the recycling bin?

She expects other people to wash her dishes.

I have already mentioned this to her before. I don't think she gets it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle a noncompliant housemate by nonviolent means?

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Ms. McDermott said...

You may have to suck it up and 'take it like a man' if you're not going to be there for much longer. As you've already had that convo with her, and she has chosen to disregard you, you can see the lay of the land. If you decide to have a confrontation with her, then, undoubtedly your final days there will be a living hell. That's how it goes. Does it suck? Hell yeah! As my Granny would say, offer it up for the holy souls in Purgatory...