Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Royal Mail vs USPS

Royal Mail:

1) They never answer their customer service line.

2) The people at the post office never answer your questions and do not want to track a package for you even though it has been floating all over the city for 5 weeks because 'they don't do that there'.

3) Parcels come at irregular intervals so you can never the leave the house. And when you do leave the house that is when they come and leave a slip at the door to pick it up at the main post office.

4) You do have the option to go online and redeliver (but you don't know when and you're stuck in the house ALL day) OR you can have it sent to a post office REALLY REALLY out of the way because for some reason the post office down the street isn't listed!

5) When you choose the option to deliver to the closest post office (which is in another town), you need to visit at least 6 times before the postman decides to deliver it there. And when you ask the person behind the counter, when they expect it to arrive they say they don't know and when you ask them if there is anyway to track the package, (see #2). There's no point in calling before you go (please see #1).

6) When you pick up your parcel at the main Royal Mail post office, please note that you are ONLY allowed to pick up mail here, not send mail.

1) They at least answer the phone albeit grumpy, indifferent, apathetic or at worst case rude but they ANSWER your questions.

2) You don't have to wait at the house all day because the postman comes roughly at the same time.

3) If you're not there to receive the parcel, then they too slip a note in your mailbox saying to pick it up at the main post office or they will come back tomorrow at the SAME time.

4) If your parcel goes missing (which is very VERY rare), you go to your local postoffice and the nice postman behind the counter goes to a computer (you know that box with a screen that tells you information). He will TELL you what is on that screen and give you some idea of where it is. He will also pick up the phone and call the main post office and ask where the hell the package is. That is, if he feels like it.

5) You can pick up AND send mail at the main post office. That's cutting edge, man.

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